Friday, October 30, 2009

Class Winners Sport Menor. What Would A Race Be Without Some Scandal?

Some late breaking news from last night's awards banquet was that all the cars passed the tech inspection except one. It seems that when car #189 was asked to take his car to tech inspection for an engine measurment he refused and reports say he got mad and left in a bit of a huff. The ending result was he was disqualified. According to rumors their car had a larger engine than was legal in the Sport Menor sub 2 litre class.

After #189 came in 1st with overall time of 5:19:23 they were disqualified and placed last overall.

After car #189 was disqualified the top three finishers in Sport Menor are as follows;

1st Place, #152 Porsche driven by Richard Clark and Andy Prill (5:24:27)

2nd Place, #153 Alfa Romeo driven by Bob Gett and Bob Paltrow (5:52:28)

3rd Place, #151 Porsche driven by Paul Frame and Darrel Bailey (6:01:31)

Congratulations to the 2009 Sport Menor Class Winners.

Edwardo Henkel Perez Castro and Sergio Puente did not attend the awards ceremony.


Control Hidráulico y Automatizacion said...

arent all the cars inspected before the race? or the team change the engine after inspection? Thats weird. And to run like that a disappear just points fingers to them as guilty!


Francisco Ortiz said...

Deberian de checar los motores al inicio de la carrera

Gary Faules said...

The problem is even though tech inspectors know a lot, they cannot know everything about every model of car and engine. During a race as long as this one competitors and officials usually get an idea if someone is cheating because of their times and so on.
The teams in a given class are usually the most knowledgeable in that class and the truth will come out in the end just as it did in this case. If they checked every engine before the race it would take days to get done and there is really no need to because it's much simpler to check only the winners. This is how it's been done for years.

032159 said...

¡Qué vergüenza! los conductores del carro 189!

Shame on the drivers of car 189!

Control Hidráulico y Automatizacion said...

Actually I googled the name of the driver: Edwardo Henkel Perez Castro and found out many things weird in his life related to politics and business, so its not surprise that he ended up cheating in a sports competition. Shame on him!!