Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fast Cars, Free Dinner, Rain And All The Tequilla You Can Drink

After the teams arrived in Guadalajara they cleaned up and had a long drive to the Jose Cuervo Estate where they were greeted with live music and what was reported as a wonderful dinner. And did I forget to mention all the tequila they could drink? It seems the grog and ale helped ease the matter with regard to the questionable scoring and timing issues. (At least for now that is.)

The only real problems with some of the teams were, (1) It was a hello of a long ways to drive for a dinner/awards ceremony considering such a long day of driving and it meant being a long ways to go considering service crews needed to work on the cars. (2) Besides the fact that many teams were in race cars and they had way too much tequila to drink it was late when teams started heading back to the hotel. (3) On the way back to the hotel the skies opened up and all hell broke loose as it rained cats and dogs. But the good news... It's legal to be in a race car on a dark rainy night after drinking tequila all evening if your with La Carrera Panamericana. VIVA MEXICO!!!

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