Friday, October 30, 2009

Class Winners Sport Mayor, Historic B, Turismo Production, Historic A,

Final Overall Results Sport Mayor;

1st Place, #222 LT Special Driven by Edward Hugo

2nd Place, #212 Jaguar Driven by Byron DeFoor

3rd Place, #231 Maserati Driven George Tuma

Final Overall Results Historic B;

1st Place, #317 Porsche 911 Driven by Enrique Nava

2nd Place, #334 Porsche 911 Driven by Andrea Galleti
(Can't find a photo!)

3rd Place, #318 Porsche 911 Driven by Michel Gendre

Final Overall Results Turismo Production;

1st Place, #51 Studebaker Driven by Carlos Castillo

2nd Place, #21 Studebaker Driven by Leo Noetzel

3rd Place, #49 Volvo Driven by Joaquin Conde Sn Vincent

Final Overall Results Historic A;

1st Place, #289 Porsche Driven by Robert Curry

2nd Place, #256 Saab Driven by Albert Fellner

3rd Place, #264 Mini Cooper Driven by Pedro Vidal


Francisco Ortiz said...

Hey Gary, in turismo de produccion were is Leo and Henry??

Gary Faules said...

It looks perfect to me Francisco. LOL.