Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Upbeat Account By El Taxi Perdido

Here's a couple of guys who didn't even have a trailer but they hooked up a car the size of a box of Cracker Jacks to the back of a friend's SUV and towed it to Mexico to compete with 100 world class cars. Who would have ever thought they would come home with a trunk load of trophies but that's exactly what they did. That enough should be enough to impress anyone who knows anything about La Carrera Panamericana or that races for that matter and rightfully so.

#291 Alfa Romeo Driven by Martin Lauber and Co-Piloto Conrad Stevenson

But what really impressed me wasn't the trophies and it wasn't the car (still gotta admit that's a pretty cool car). Nope, what impressed me was two things... I was impressed by the support they got from friends and family who left comments on their blog but most impressive of all was their, no excuses, no B/S, for not winning their class and what fine gentleman racers they proved themselves to be when they spoke about the team that beat them in their class. They pretty much gave dredit was credit was due and they admitted they got bested by a better team on a given day.

Nothing but class and these are the sort of guys any of us would be proud to be affiliated with. I tip my hat to them.

Here is one of the post from their blog. (By the way, keeping a blog updated regularly while racing in LCP is not easy and these guys did an outstanding job doing so.)

"We’re all safely back in the USA and I’m waiting for my connecting flight in Denver, where there is snow on the ground. Funny to think that this time yesterday I was going 220 Km an hour on ten miles of closed freeway, sweating in my race suit. Today, I just sitting here reliving all the excitement. Here’s how things turned out at the awards ceremony. For Day seven, we won our third consecutive 1st place podium finish. This was just fantastic and Conrad and I were proud to once again stand up there and celebrate a great day. After the day’s results they announced the overall results and we knew that since we broke down on the first day, we had over six minutes to make up for to catch our nearest competitor, Team Apple Farmer. Well, we hustled all week and we made up most of those six minutes, besting their times in each stage, but in the end, their consistency, fast times and quality preparations prevailed and the very deserving Team Apple Farmer and their Volvo 122S took 1st place overall in Historic A plus class. We took second and we’re pretty damn pleased. Firstly, because Team Apple Farmer (Richard and Nate) are two of the nicest guys and they absolutely deserve the win. Not only did they run strong every day, they also helped us with advice and support throughout the week. They are true champions and great guys. We’re also excited about our result because it being our first time, we were happy just to finish. We surprised a lot of people and our little taxi was well loved amongst the other teams. Even by the German guy who thought it was a Lada."

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Control HidrĂ¡ulico y Automatizacion said...

I met these guys here in Queretaro and they were really cool. One thing that is really funny about this team is that they are sponosored by the bring a trailer website. And they didnt bring one, hahaha.