Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Now They Call It "Unofficial" Results

Considering nobody knows what the hell is going on that's probably the best name to give it.

Today Unofficial results:

1. Alejandro Pimentel/Mauricio Pimentel Dodge Turismo Mayor 17:56.1
2. Lars Stugemo/Jonny Olofsson Studebaker Turismo Mayor 17:58.1
3. Doug Mockett/Angélica Fuentes Oldsmobile Turismo Mayor 18:00.0
4. Stig Blomqvist/Ana Goni Boracco Studebaker Turismo Mayor 18:07.4
5. Francisco Tato/César Robles Studebaker Turismo Mayor 18:09.9

Looks like a party at a morgue. Notice nobody's smiling in either one of these pictures but at least there's food and drink. There better be LOTS of drink before tonights awards are handed out.

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