Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mockett And Fuentes

#133 Oldsmobile driven by Mockett and Fuentes is reported out of race on 1st speed stage. I dont know why yet but I do know they are both OK.

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Bill said...

#426 Green Lincoln driven by Overbaugh is out of the race. The driver and co-pilot are both OK, but the car is totalled. Something broke in the suspension, and the steering locked up. They drove right into a concrete wall, that bounced them across the road, then they slid along a rock wall before coming to a stop. Dad (Tom Overbaugh) said the front of the car folded underneath, and both the left side and the right side are destroyed, as well as presumably the undercarriage. If/when I get pictures, I'll forward them to you.

Thank God for all the safety systems we put in these vehicles.