Sunday, October 25, 2009

Service Stop Near Queretaro

One of the service stops that I recall the most is the one at Cavas Freixenet de Mexico one of Mexico's premier winery's. For more information on this beautiful place CLICK HERE. One of the largest underground wine vaults in Mexico is right beneath the teams and most will not even know it's there.

Mats crew hard at work

Courtesy of Apple Farmer racing

Courtesy of Apple Farmer racing

While the Apple Farmer Racing service crew was making there way towards Queretaro today they had reason to be pretty nervous as they were pulled over by a Federally. Before he even reached their window they were ready to "negotiate" a price. But when the crew member rolled down his window the officer asked if they were with La Carrera. When the crew member replied, "Si." the officer reached out and shook his hand, turned and walked away.

Now you tell me... Does this look like someone who just got lucky? The funny thing is, for years the crew member will tell the story about the Federally that let him go and for years the Federally will tell the story about the time he shook a LCP crew member's hand. Only in Mexico. VIVA LA CARRERA!

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