Sunday, October 18, 2009

Early To Bed And Early To Rise

Tomorrow morning (Monday, Oct 19) the Coyote Convoy will be leaving before first light and the convoy will head down to the city of Oaxaca, where it will stop for the night. The only way to describe tomorrow's drive is one long assed, hard drive and if anything can go wrong this is the day it will happen. Up and down the spine of the Sierra Madras with steep grades you would never dream of here in the States much of which has canyons that drop off for as far as you can see. Oh and did I forget to mention there are no places to pill off if need be? I' not sure what the weather is going to be like but they said it was questionable today.
Last years when Hershel McGriff and I spent a week in San Miguel de Allende to meet the Coyote Convoy and spend some time with them we had a great time but one of the hardest moments of my life was watching them pull out before dark. I will never forget how choked up I got when Gerie Bledsoe's team pulled over and said, "Gary, We sure wish you were coming with us." I couldn't even say thanks or good bye.... I just waved them on. Now I'm feeling it all over again. Good luck everyone.

Pulling out at 5AM.

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