Monday, October 19, 2009

They Call It Endurance Racing For A Reason

Mexico City, Zocalo

The plot thickens... or at least the weather is. Checking with the Mexican weather forecast things are beginning to get much more interesting. Granted I only checked out Mexico City's weather but one of the highest speed stages just happens to be there and the report shows scattered thunder storms for the entire week.

If the weather does begin to show scattered showers along the race route a whole lot of strategies will change. Some cars with slicks will be forced to put on rain tires (assuming they have them) and if it dries then go back to slicks again. This also effects service crews because if they are going to be ready to change tires during service stops they will have to leave much earlier in the morning so they can get ahead of the race and traffic. Some times this can mean having to get the car out of the trailer and leave before 3am and all without a police escort. Needless to say, if it is raining everything gets even harder.

In 2007 we were forced to do 5 miles an hour with almost zero visibility in Puebla and that was just getting there!

Using the chart for locations and dates here is weather's forecast.

Guadalajara... Scattered Thunderstorms 23
Showers 25 & 26 & 28

Mexico City... Scattered Thunderstorms 23 & 25
Showers 26 & 27

Monterrey... Scattered Thunderstorms 27

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