Sunday, October 18, 2009

2009 San Miguel de Allende Car Show

A special thanks to my good friend Jorge who drove over from his home in Queretaro to check out the cars and sent the following awesome photos. Jorge wrote, "Even though the weather was cold and windy and rain was expected, a lot of people was at the Jardin enjoying the cars." It's clear to see the weather was not what everyone had hoped by the small attendance. During past shows at San Miguel de Allende the square was packed. Poissibly the poor attendance had something to do with the fact that unlike prior years this year the local newspaper ATENCION SAN MIGUEL did not mention it ahead of time. Too bad simply because the locals simpy love the show.

Gracias Jorge!

La Parroquia, Church of St. Michael the Archangel.

#212 Sports Mayor Driven by Byron DeFoor & David Hinton

#363 Historic C Driven by Bob Summerour & Bud Feldkamp

#304 Historic B Driven by Russell Gee & Christopher Nussbaum

#319 Historic B Diven by Mike Harris & Larry Ligas

#407 Original Panamericana Driven by George Tuma & Jim Pace

#282 Historic A+ Driven by Danny Stewart & C.H DeHaan

#151 Sport Menor Driven by Paul Frame & Darrel Bailey

#261 Historic A+ Driven by Richard Row & James Row

#307 Historic B Driven by Jack Lewis Kim Watkins

#264 Historic A Driven by Pedro Vidal & Jose Abreu

#388 Historic C Driven by Bill Shanahan & Murray Smith

#395 Historic C driven by Gerie Bledsoe & Chris "Coop" Cooper

#421 Original Panamericana driven by Clyde Morter & Carl Jensen

#426 Original Panamericana Driven by Tom Overbaugh Paul Wendt

#285 Historic A Driven by Martin Lauber Conrad Stevenson

#133 Turismo Mayor Driven by Doug Mockett & Angelica Fuentes

#252 Historic A driven by Chris Friddle & Don Paxton

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