Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Show Must Go On.

There have been several inquires as to whether or not there will be a car show in San Miguel de Allende this year since nothing seems to be posted. I just spoke to Gerie Bledsoe and confirmed that yes in deed the LCP cars will be parked in the zocolo as usual. So if you happen to be in the area be sure to stop in for what is one of the best settings for a gathering to be found anywhere on the planet. La Carrera Panamericana cars will be on display in the main square on Sunday from 10 to 3.

Speaking from experience I can tell you the days spent relaxing in San Miguel de Allende are some of the best memories the teams will ever experience. Not only is it a much welcome rest stop after having driven some thousands of miles but it's beauty is overwhelming.

But there is something else that takes place in San Miguel de Allende that you really have to experience first hand to fully appreciate.... When teams leave the states there are so many things on their minds... Did I forget anything? Is the trailer and tow rig up to this trip? Is the car as good as I hope it will be? Will we have a successful trip? Will we have any trouble at the border of along the way? These questions seem to get sorted out along the way and finally after a couple good nights rest accompanied with good food and grog along with the company of team mates and new LCP friends somehow we find ourselves able to take a deep full breath and relax. If anything, this is where the good times seem to get off to a great start.

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