Saturday, October 17, 2009

Could The Worst Be Over? Stayed Tuned...

Based on reports and what I have been hearing tensions were high the night before trying to cross the border as a result of all the problems at the border resulting from problems with drug wars and Mexican truckers not being able to get into The States. While I don't have a complete report to know if everyone was successful I can report the Coyote Convoy is now in Mexico!!!

I heard from Lauren and her blog that Carson's car and others made it before the others had but they left earlier... "The car is en route. Tom and his 7's Only Racing Crew left Buttonwillow, CA last Sunday. We got news that they crossed the border yesterday and are on their way south (Thank God that this crossing was much smoother than the last crossing in March for the Chihuahua Express. If you missed that adventure, read posts from April to relive the frustration). Tom has 2 transport rigs going down and we will meet him in Huatulco for an ice cold cerveza."

There is a lot more to this years race than many are aware of and travel might be tougher than in previous years. Lets hope everyone stays together and play it safe. It only takes a single altercation to ruin the adventure.

My good friend and fellow La Carrera Panamericana Piloto, Franciisco Ortiz, took these photos near him home in Monterrey which is 126 miles from the border.


Control HidrĂ¡ulico y Automatizacion said...

Can´t wait to see them here in Queretaro!

Gary Faules said...

Get me some photos Jorge!