Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today's Overall Results

1st Place. Bloqvist - Goni

2nd Place. Mockett - Sources

3rd Place. Scheible - Marlett

4th Place. Tato - Robles

5th Place. Márquez - Ramírez

Wow! What happened to Lars!

The following is from the LCP site. (Translation is a little iffy but you'll get the idea.)

Queretaro, October 25th.- A step forward gave the Swede Stig Blomqvist in the dispute of the title of La Carrera Panamericana 2009, as earn the victory on the third stage, between Mexico City and Queretaro. In his Studebaker number 110, with Venezuelan Ana Goni Boracco as a teammate, Blomqvist covered the distance of 540 kilometers, of which 101 were for speed according to the initial program, in time of 42:12.0 minutes. Former world rally champion scored his second victory in three stages contested so far. The day was rounded to the Scandinavian, as Mexico's Alejandro Pimentel had an accident that was not possible to conclude the day.
Pimentel, in a Dodge with number 144, was the main threat of Blomqvist in the Major Tourism category, however left the road in section 12, in the town of Toliman, and could not continue. However, escaped unhurt along with his brother Maurice, but lost valuable time in litigation with the Swede. The second spot was for the U.S. Doug Mockett, surfed by Angelica Fuentes, who covered the distance in 43:11.3 minutes and remain hopeful even though the first day was a nightmare for them because of mechanical problems. Karl Scheible and Dyana Marlett, in a Volvo, also in Mayor Tourism, maintained the steady pace across the bow of arrival, installed in the main square of the beautiful city of Queretaro, recorded 44:40.40.3 minutes. Fourth place was held by Mexican Javier Francisco Javier Robles Tato and Cesar Robles, who 45:13.2in a made Studebaker in Tourism Major. Other Mexicans, Araceli Marquez and Francisco Ramirez, finished fifth with 45:51.1. The Pan American convoy left early Santa Fe, the financial center of Mexico City, and headed to Queretaro directly, since the speed stage at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez was canceled. At Queretaro the multicolor convoy was greeted by hundreds of people in the beautiful city center, where families took the opportunity to enjoy the excellent weather evening out to admire the cars, take pictures and collect autographs from the competitors.
On Monday, La Carrera again in early to starting at 8:00 am for San Luis Potosi, to fulfill the third of seven stages over a distance of 424 kilometers, of which 107 will be timed and 316 traffic.

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