Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today's Photos Thanks To My Buddy Jorge

My buddy Jorge who lives in Queretaro really came thru for us. Check out the folowing message and awesome photos from today... Gracias Amigo.

Hi Gary,

The afternoon was great! After all the scares from the bad weather and yesterdays big storm. The day couldn´t have been greater. The cars arrived to the Jardin Zenea past 5 PM, hundreds of people were already there waiting for them. And once we could hear the sirens of the patrol cars escorting them, we knew they were coming.

First Arrived car 110 with Stig Blomquist and Anna Goni, the car 133 with Doug Mockett and Angelica Fuentes, and then car 121. 30 or so cars follow them in the first pack. All very happy to be in Queretaro, exhausted but happy. All of them whom I talked to, told me about how great the race has been so far, and all talked about the changing weather and how that has been a factor.

I also saw the Apple Read Team, Gerie Bledsoe and "Coop", they say hi specially to you. All of them were very happy to pose for pictures and video (which I will edit and upload to send it to you tomorrow) for your blog. Also I met this years, friends I made form previous years, like Chrislana and John Gregory, and the guys from the Predator Performance team (David Hinton. Larry Ligas. Mike Harris), as last year they brought only a car, but promise to come with more, and they did, 6.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as I enjoyed taking them. Right now Im on my way to the Holiday Inn as I agree to met there with the the Predator Performance Team as I have made friends with them. And will take more pics from there and prepair everything to leave early for the morning.

Have a good night.


My buddy Jorge posing with Doug.

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Schnoidz said...

I posted a few shots of the Predator Performance Team loading their cars on Oct 14th for the trip from Largo, Florida.