Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take Your Medicine

So I said, "Honey... It's just La Carrera Panamericana... What danger? Trust me... It's a lot saver than fishing in the Everglades and the good news is there are no alligators in the jungles of Hualtuco."

La Carrera Panamericana is more akin to a virus... one that gets inside of you and keeps growing and infecting. To make matters worse it's contagious and before long anyone who comes in contact with anyone who has been or is involved with LCP can find themselves infected as well. To the best of my knowledge there is only one sure cure... put a team together, build a car and jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Getting prepared for La Carerra Panamericana can take upwards of a couple years for a team by the time they build a car, form a team, find a way of paying for everything and simply making it happen. Keep in mind it can a year all by it's self just to convince the wife that you're still sane.

And if there isn't already enough to think about things are getting a lot more involved when you begging taking the current political issues with regards to getting your car safely across the border in light of the current turmoil. The facts are, no matter how well you prepare this year teams will not know if they will get their cars across the border until that moment comes. Having made the commitment many months or years ago, then doing all that needs to be done to prepare for this event and then getting to the border and realizing it could all end right here is about as stressful as it will ever get.

I know what my buddy Jon would say... "It is what it is." but I would be stressing in a big way until the very second that they waved me past the check station and probably wouldn't even relax until I was at least a few hundred miles into Mexico.

Then I would tell my wife... "And Honey... The roads are straight as an arrow and as safe as they can be. They are so straight that many times you can see for miles."

Tomorrow many teams will meet in Laredo Texas to form The Coyote Convoy and in what may seem like an eternity we will find out if this years border crossing will be a satisfactory one. Good luck to everyone.


mjb said...

It's taken more than a year to convince my husband! lol!

Gary Faules said...

Yeah but you gals have more control over us guys. lol