Sunday, October 25, 2009

Need More Information

Someone left the comment below...

"How is the British team predator doing? Please show more posting from Oaxaca to Mexico City etc... interested in Andrew Brillo. The race is a blast; I'm very taken by the Carrera Panamericana- what fun!"

In order to answer I need more information. Please tell me what car you are referring to. What number. Do you mean Andrew Prill by chance?

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Schnoidz said...

The info I can find on Team Predator from Largo, Florida comes from photos I took of the cars being loaded for the trip and from Lacarrera2007.blogspot
Maserati 3500GT (Red Body - Silver Top) Virginia Tag # 85086
George Tuma
Jim Pace
(Info from Lacarrera2007.blogspot)
60 231 George Tuma Jim Pace Maseratti Sport Mayor

Jaguar E-Type (Blue with White Stripe) Florida Tag # 124403
Mike Harris
Larry Ligas
(Info from Lacarrera2007.blogspot)
319 Mike Harris Larry Ligas Jaguar XKE Historic B

Porsche 911T (Silver with Blue Stripe) Florida Tag # BI6103
(Info from Lacarrera2007.blogspot)
67 304 Russell Gee Chris Nussbaum Porsche 911 Historic B

Jaguar XK150 (Silver Body - Blue top & Hood) Florida Tag # 145LAI
Byron DeFoor
David Hinton
(Info from Lacarrera2007.blogspot)
43 212 Byron DeFoor David Hinton Jaguar Sport Mayor

Ford Mustang (Maroon Body - Gold Stripe) Georgia Tag # HA4THG
Bob S.
Bud F.
(Info from Lacarrera2007.blogspot)
48 363 Bob Summerour Bud Feldkamp Mustang Historic C

BMW 2000CS (Green Body) Florida Tag # BI6098
(Info from Lacarrera2007.blogspot)
64 282 Danny Stewart CH De Haan BMW Historic A +