Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lucky Taco Update

It seems as if the Lucky Taco team just cant catch a break.

Unfortunately repairs were not able to be made in Mexico City so the car was once again loaded up and while in route to Queretaro once again the trailer has separated from the tow rig. The trailer is having as much trouble as the Lucky Taco. Several shops have offered to help including one in Queretaro however they are all closed because it's Sunday. Those who are willing to help are out of town... You guessed it, their following the race.

When Clyde called me he said now the team tentatively plans on staying in Queretaro while the race moves on in hopes of getting repairs made to the car and trailer. Then they will attempt to miss running San Luis Potosi and hopefully catch up with the race and begin racing again in Guadalajara.

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