Friday, October 23, 2009

The Lucky Taco Needs Some Help

Message from Team Lucky Taco. If you can be of any help please drop me an e-mail at

Our freinds racing the Lucky Taco 1954 Oldsmobile in the LaCarrera Mexican road race may be in need of some upper and lower control arms and cross shafts ASAP I dont know for sure but I think 54 is by itself on some parts maybe some suspention parts not known yet. Trying to round up leads now. They managed to get off road and rolled up on their side. They are in route now to make repairs to try and soldier on. Full damage is not know but believed to be repairable. If anyone would have any parts please call me as I can contact them. They have I think 6 or 7 days left down there so between limping and getting them some parts maybe part of the race can be salvaged. They have gone a long way from West Bend,Wi to give up now.

I took this photo last year when I introdced Clyde to Hershel McGriff.

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