Sunday, October 25, 2009

The LCP Poem

Here I sit
Broken Hearted
Waiting for results
But only farted.

This is the way things are done during LCP. Ironic isnt it... While the race teams rush across Mexico as fast as they can go, the rest of us sit around and wait for slow motion results that took place THREE FRIGGIN DAYS AGO to be posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH!

Maybe there's too much partying going on.


RAMON said...

Agreed!!! It seems to have become worse too !!

stevewalters said...

There are some results (Day 0 and Day 1) available as pdf files from the Spanish version of the offical LCP site ( I don't know if that helps.

mjb said...

I found some fabulous photos posted by LeningradCowboysRacing Team. They have a twitter feed too. Still..., a bit post race.

Put the links up on my website: http:\\
You'll love the TOPE vid! Too fun!