Friday, October 23, 2009

La Carrera Panamericana At It's Best

If you follow La Carrera Panamericana you will hear these three words over and over and over... Sportsmanship, Camaraderie, Friends. As soon as you get to the border, you start making friends and I'm not talking about a smiling waitress and a nice guy who offered to hold a door for you. I'm talking about life-long friendships. Friends that will forever remain on your mind. Many of them will have no names, only smiles or a kind gesture offering of a smile. Some will tell you about their grand father who walked 25 miles with his father to see Juan Fangio drive by in the wink of an eye. Others will simply like you because you are in their country and they want you to have a good time in a place they call home and a place they love.

Many of these friends will be someone offering to help you push your car or offer to help you get to your hotel or even offer to help find a part for your car. That said, I want to tell you about an email I received when I got home from dinner. It is a perfect example of the kind of friendship and hospitality that is everywhere to be found in Mexico. Earlier today I posted a short blog stating that Clyde Morter and team were looking for some hard to get parts for The Lucky Taco. This email pretty much says what I am trying to explain... What can I say... there does not seem to be enough ways to show my appreciation.

Photo Courtesy Of Kristin Stewart’s WTF

Dear Gary

First of all Congratulations for all your efforts and information you are bringing me with your blog, very good and fresh information ,let me introduce my self , I am Jose Solana from Mexico City , my grand father and my uncle raced in the original panamerican races , and my fathter and i some years ago in this new ones . I work for Ferrari in Mexico and i read about in your blog that the lucky taco needs help , so i offer our Ferrari and Maserati shop in Mexico City in Polanco area very near from Santa Fe , so if this can help this guys let me know, i think we can find someone tomorrow of classic cars in Mexico that may be will have the suspension parts they need , we have a ramp and the whole shop to help.

So this is my information to contact me

Jose Solana

Any thing you need please let me know.

Best regards and good luck.


Jose, Thank you Amigo. I am in the process of trying to reach The Lucky Taco team and if they feel you can help I will give them all the numbers you sent me. Gracias a mi amigo and Viva Mexico!

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Control HidrĂ¡ulico y Automatizacion said...

The Solanas are a well known name in Mexico´s car history. They even made some sports cars of their own, I have seen some of them in auto shows here. And here in Queretaro we have an avenue that is an 8 loop. It is known as circuito Moises Solana and it was a car race track some 30 years ago.

Glad they keep their spirit!