Friday, October 23, 2009

Car #252 Historic A

Make no bones about it... La Carrera Panamericana is exciting. Have you ever noticed that when you see someone yawn all of a sudden you feel the need to yawn too? Well, that is the exact same effect that La Carrera Panamericana has on friends and family. Once you listen to someone telling tales of LCP you will find the need to want to be right there with them. Case and point; I received the following e-mail tonight and I must say, I know exactly how she feels and I share her emotions. What she doesn't know is until she goes and takes part herself she doesn't have a clue what an awesome adventure it really is. When her brother does get home the stories and pictures will not do them proper justice. I hope you enjoy the photos and I will have more later.


Fabulous job on the blog!! My brother is a first time participant:

252 Paul Friddle Don Paxton VW Historic A 9:41:30 84 252

You are my link to keep up with all that's going on and it's fabulous! I was with them in Laredo on "Coyote Convoy Eve" and it was a spectacular experience. The camaraderie is amazing and I enjoyed getting to know some of the veterans. Everyone was so gracious and helpful to our group.

It was quite a site and overwhelmingly emotional to see them head out for the border Saturday morning before the sunrise. I'm so psyched for No. 252 and everyone participating. I can't wait to greet them in Nuevo Laredo on the 29th.

Keep up the great status reports. And if you could request a photo of No. 252 for your blog, I would be forever indebted :)

Thanks again for enabling us to feel like we're right there with them.

Best regards,

Tammy Friddle
San Antonio, TX

I have nothing but respect for this team as they take on the monumental task before them that being taking on the world's most grueling race in a VW Bug. Talk about David and Goliath! These guys are filling in some mighty big shoes considering The Volkswagen factory attempted to conquer the very same race and sent not one but three VW's in 1954.

Piloto: Chris Friddle

Co-Piloto: Don Paxton

As a bonus to Porsche’s 1954 victory, seven Volkswagens with sealed engines finished the race without a single breakdown, averaging over 60 mph. Here you can see three of them crossing the finish line.

1954 Factory VW Team with volcano in back ground near Puebla.

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