Saturday, October 24, 2009

Todays Random Updates.

These are simply tid-bits from people who have called or written in no particular order so here goes:

Today 103 cars started the race but only 78 made it to the finish arch in Mexico City. If that number is accurate, that's high attrition folks. Nobody ever said LCP was easy.

On a good note, the #363 Mustang of Bob Summerour is still in one piece and 7th in class right behind Gerie Bledsoe.

#433 of Carson and Lauren Scheller is in 1st place in Original Panamericana and 39th overall.

#407 Maserati driven by George Tuma spun out and crashed into mountain. Out of race.

Yesterday the # 103 driven by Gabriel Perez spun out and hit the side of a hill doing minor damage to left rear quarter panel.

There is a rumor that the #252 Volkswagon team has called it quits and gone home. A lot of us hope this is just a rumor.

Gerie Bledsoe is back in the race and finished 32nd overall and 6th in Historic C.

#374 Corvette driven by Anthony and Lee-Ann Strezow have moved into 4th in Historic C.

#356 Mustang driven by veteran Chip Fudge has fallen to 6th in Historic C.

#350 Corvette of Leningrad Cowboys Racing has fallen to last place in Historic C cars still running.

The #421 Lucky Taco is at Ferrari Dealership tonight being worked on to see what can be done.

Apple Farmer Racing is fixed and in now back in 1st in Historic A plus and 17th overall. He was clocked at 197 KM today. (122.410 MPH)
#281 Porsche is 2nd in Historic A plus.
#261 BMW has moved into 3rd place in Historic A plus.

I really wanted to see the #376 old school Ford do well but I havent heard if they are running or not.

When I asked how the #369 Mustang of John and Emine Nielson had done nobody seemed to know if they were even there or not. Any word on their car?


Denise said...

Does anyone know what happened to the Maserati? All I can find is that it crashed out.

Schnoidz said...

I don't have any status on the car. Is this the one you are referring to?
Maserati 3500GT (Red Body - Silver Top) Virginia Tag # 85086
George Tuma
Jim Pace
(Info from Lacarrera2007.blogspot)
60 231 George Tuma Jim Pace Maseratti Sport Mayor