Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Red Mist

It's a common scenario and unfortunately La Carrera Panamericana teams are just as susceptible to it as any other. It's still early in qualifying but thus far my good friend Clyde Morter, rolled The Lucky Taco #421 Oldsmobile off the road and into the jungle while only 6.3 kms into their run. I am waiting for a phone call to find out how Clyde and his navigator are and if the car is repairable.

Not everyone had run yet when I received the phone call but besides Clyde a Porsche and one of the Jags had suffered some damage as well. As soon as I receive more information I will post it.

EDIT: The Historic B class #319 E-Type Jag driven by Mike Harris supposedly crashed into this pole prior to qualifying when a crew member didn't get it shut down in time after a throttle stuck. If a little pole like that did all that damage just think what a donkey would do.

Photo Courtesy Apple Farmer Racing

Coincidence??? The last time Coop took a photo of this Jag was while having lunch in San Miguel de Allende. I hope this car isnt out to lunch allready.

Photo (And lunch) Courtesy Of Coop

The #329 Porsche driven by Jorge Carlos Bernal Soriano also in Historic B class found itself on top of a curb and headed onto a flatbed tow truck all prior to qualifying. Something tells me this is going to be a long week.

Photo Courtesy Apple Farmer Racing

I sure would like to hear Clyde gets his car back in the race. He's an awesome gentleman racer.

Teams live an entire year trying each night to get to sleep as they can't seem to get the upcoming race out of their mind. They keep telling themselves they can go faster than they did last year. Having watched countless hours of video from prior runs and those of others they keep convincing themselves "Dammit... I could have stayed on the gas a little longer. DON'T DO THAT THIS YEAR!" The adrenaline rush that drivers get while waiting for the green flag on qualifying day is like no other. They have waited a whole year and some longer for this moment. They have driven countless thousands of miles. Unfortunately many times they have been sitting around talking with others and getting all pumped up and when they finally mash down on the throttle The red Mist takes over.

It;s sometimes hard to remember, but you don't win a race or get any advantage or points for qualifying and you sure as heck don't get any points for crashing. Just start off easy and let things build and find ones rhythm. You've got 7 days to find it.

Like I said earlier, there were still lots of cars left yet to qualify but on a high note it appeared the #290 Volvo of Team Apple Farmer was kicking some butt and taking notes. They had even passed one of the cars from a much faster class. They could be a force to be reckoned with this year in the Historic A Plus class and if having a good attitude has anything to do with it their off to one hell of a start.

Well at least there aren't any Mustangs with problems yet. (I didn't really say that did I?"


bbeilharz said...

I hope everyone stays safe and Stig KICKS ASS!

Even there was no sound with the picture of the crashed Jag, I pretty sure I know what that guy is saying 8-)

Is there a way to get an email alert for updates to you site?

bbeilharz said...

Sorry, I'll try and review my future posts more carefully. I guess I'm getting too excited.

Control HidrĂ¡ulico y Automatizacion said...

Oh my Jag!!!

Francisco Ortiz said...

the carrera is ON

Gary Faules said...

LOL. Bill, Like you I too knew exactly what was being said at the Jag. What crackjed me up was seeing one of the crew guys cracking up.

The only way I know to find out is keep checking the blog. Sorry.

Francisco Ortiz said...

tomorrow I will fly to Oaxaca

Gary Faules said...

Have a great time Francisco! Send photos asap.