Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Notes From Today

I am not sure how bad but the #319 E-Type Jag driven by Mike Harris ran into a 911 Porsche today. I don't know how much damage was done to either car yet or which Porsche.

#261 BMW driven by Richard Row had some problems today when his brake rotor came loose and cut a hole through his wheel and ruined a tire. Some locals helped him get the wheel welded and his spare on and back on the road. Some teams are asking why the #261 are receiving trophies some nights in the Historic A class when they are listed in the Historic A plus class but I'm sure that will all get sorted out.

More news as it come in.

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Bill said...

My Dad (Overbaugh in car #426) said that the Jag and the Porsche were both tied up in the same curve, on their sides. It looked to them like the cars had been painted on the rock wall, but for the distraught pilotos milling about. Don't know about the level of damage, but the wreck looked pretty bad to them.

He also said that the Maseratti #407 got hung up on a rock that was about 4' higher than the road yesterday. It can be fixed, but it's going to take some serious time and money.

The Hudson #408 hit a tope (speed bump) at 60 mph yesterday. They broke a shock absorber among other suspension components and have been worked to piece it back together. They're going to be running tomorrow. I'm a little unclear on the days on this - I might be off by 1 day.