Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now The Waiting Begins...

If there's one constant with regards to La Carrera Panamericana it's how slow news/information and results get back to us. Anyone who has been can tell you we all have good intentions, meaning we tell all our friends, "I promise I will update my blog every day and tell you everything that's going on..." While everyone means well saying it will get done and doing it are two different things.

Carson and Lauren's Hot Rod

First of all, Internet access in the hotels is limited and that's IF they even have Internet access and IF it's working and Heaven forbid it should be the dreaded "dial-up". It seems like when you do find Internet access there is a line of teams waiting to use it so learning to plan your computer time is equally as important as planning the next days itinerary. By the time you get back to your hotel after a very late dinner/drivers meeting and get the car dealt with and ten thousand other things the last thing on your mind is getting on-line. That's when you say to yourself, "I'll do it tomorrow." It seems like when you do find Internet access there is a line of teams waiting to use it.

That said... Here I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to receive news as to how teams are doing and what's going on. I am also curious to learn how the weather is treating them. Some Mexican forecast for Huatulco and Oaxaca say it's nice and other say scattered Thunderstorms and showers. So many questions.... Grrrr. I hate this waiting. Then I wonder how long it will be until they get the daily results posted when thye do get started.

In the meantime, enjoy some photos of LCP cars enjoying some shade courtesy of Coop. Thanks Coop!

Gerie Bledsoe streaching during a break on the way south.


Control HidrĂ¡ulico y Automatizacion said...

Whats the story with the artists that decorate the cars and helmets? Part of the personality of the cars is all the hand lettering and decorations.

Gary Faules said...

All I can tell you is that he shows up every year and he is very tallented and makes it look so easy. Some teams literly plan on having him paint logos and such on their cars. I have seen somne of his work to inlcude whole hoods with very elaborate and detailed work. Amazing stuff.

Control HidrĂ¡ulico y Automatizacion said...

He does a great job!!