Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mini Me Suffers Engine Problem

Photo Courtesy Of Coop

One of the nicest guys I ever met while racing LCP and one packed with about as much enthusiasm as any one competitor can have was Pedro Vidal. Pedro's #264 Austin Mini Cooper suffered some major engine problems back in 2007 when he ran with us and I just received word he blew an engine again yesterday. The good news is they were able to swap the engine and are back on the road today. I hope Pedro and co-piloto Jose Abreu make it all the way. GO PEDRO!

I dont know how much damage was done yet but the #383 Opel driven by Hubertus von Wangenheim and co-piloto Maximilian Hambloch was hit by a truck while parked. More when I find out.

Speaking of Pedro Vidal and his Mini... In 2007 when Jon and I won the Mil Cumbre stage, there was numerous obstacles in the road including large rocks, several trees lat all the way across the road with barely enough room to squeeze thru and yes, the story about the dead horse and a large pool of blood across the road are all true. There was one corner I remember all too well. As we came hauling ass around a right- hander the mountain side had allowed a lot of boulders and logs to slide down and across the road. To make it more interesting there was lots of loose gravel and to the left of the corner there was no guard rail and a cliff that dropped off hundreds if feet straight down. Needless to say it made you "pucker up". Later that day while having a beer in Morelia Pedro was sitting at the table next to us and I asked him how he liked Mil Cumbres. His eyes lit up and he began telling me how much he loved that stage. Then he asked me, "Did you see all those friggin rocks on that corner with that friggin cliff!!! I came hauling ass around that corner and was too far to the left and hard to make a hard turn top avoid them and all of a sudden I was spinning out of control doing a 360! All I could think about was going over that cliff. WOW... Was that exciting OR WHAT! I LIVE for this stuff and I cant wait to go the back again manana!"

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stevewalters said...

I spent a day at a Oaxaca muffler shop with Pedro before the 2007 race while we each got our roll cages up to the new tech "standard." He is a really nice fellow, and I'm sorry I'm not there to enjoy his company again. He told me that his wife doesn't like having the race car parked at the house, but since it is a Mini, he can hide it behind some bushes out of her sight.