Monday, October 26, 2009

LCP News Update Some Juicy Stuff

This is so frustrating for many of us. I have numerous e-mail messages asking for help to find results so that friends and family which are from all over the world, attempting to find out how their teams are doing. You would think out of respect for those teams who paid and have sacrificed so much to take part in LCP that the very least the organization could do is post the results on time. At this rate we may not find out how they did until they fly home. Geeze!

So here goes, no particular order;

What I can tell you is based on the fact that there is very little posting being done on any ones blog is probably not because of poor Internet (which is always a problem) but I strongly suspect teams are feeling a lot of pressure and the weather and high attrition rate probably have a lot to do with it. I was also told by Richard tat many teams are feeling sick with clogged throats and sinuses due to the wet acid rain in Mexico City.

Jorge tells me Pedro Vidal with his Mini, was solving some problems with the pump and clutch. They are ready now to continue tomorrow.

Gabriel Perez is out of the race with engine problems.

#290 Volvo driven by Richard Bailey is 2nd in Historic A plus and 18th overall a couple seconds behind a Porsche 914. (Did not get car #)

#115 Buick was out for a while yesterday with engine problems but back in it now.

#121 Volvo driven by Karl Scheible has moved into 2nd overall!!! (Anothyer site reports them in 3rd so not sure.)

#114 Studebaker driven by Lars Stugemo suffered blown transmission but is back up to 4th overall.

#433 Ford driven by Carson Scheller is still 1st in Original Panamericana class and up to 25th overall.

#425 Studebaker driven by John Gregory is 2nd in Original Panamericana and 34th overall.

#426 Lincoln driven by Overbaugh had a short in the wiring in the mountains, got it repaired, and finished the day, but lost their 3rd place spot in PanAm Original.

#388 Ford Falcon driven by Bill Shanahan is 1st in Historic C class.

#351 Ford Falcon driven by Berndt Langewiesche has moved up to 2nd in Historic C.

#356 Mustang driven by Chip Fudge is in 3rd place in Historic C.

#363 Mustang driven by Bob Summerour has moved up to 4th place in Historic C!

#374 Corvette driven by Anthony Strelzow is in 5th place in Historic C.

#361 Chevrolet driven by Tony Leivo is in 6th place in Historic C.

The phone call was short because teams were pulling out but I do not know what happened to Gerie Bledsoe.

Today the race leads into San Luis Potosi with narrow, twisted roads and I was told they expect them to be very wet.


LosVikingos_Ralf said...

It's a normal day in LCP.
Great to read, see and hear everything on your blog Gary.

Bill said...

Car #431, the 1954 Lincoln -Overbaugh/Wendt had a short in the wiring in the mountains, got it repaired, and finished the day, but lost their 3rd place spot in PanAm Original.

Bill said...

Oops, I meant #426