Saturday, October 24, 2009

Interesting Notes As Of Yesterday's Results

Some interesting notes:
#309 of Brian De Vries has fallen back to 18th overall.
#114 of Lars Stugemo has moved up to 3rd overall.
#290 of Richard Bailey has dropped back to 30th while #281 in same class has moved up to 14th overall. (Valve adjust lock-nut came loose and ran on 3 cylinders.)
#319 the blue Jag of Mike Harris is in race at 49th overall.
#433 of Carson Sheller is in 25th overall. 1st in Original Panamericana.
#388 of Bill Shanahan is in 10th overall and 1st in Historic C.
#252 of Paul Friddle is in 70th overall but hangin in there. GO GUYS!

There are a lot of cars with no times and I don't know if they are not running, 29 to be exact. 8 of them are in Historic C class. This is a very high number this early in the race so I wonder if it's a mistake in scoring and timing or what. I also see 5 cars have been bumped into "Exhibition" class which usually means something was illegal in it's class.

The plot thickens!

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