Saturday, October 24, 2009

El Taxi Perdido

Here is a excellent blog that I have been enjoying. It says so much more than just what's happening to them each day. In reality it's sharing what La Carrera Panamericana is all about, the trials, tribulations, heart breaks, and victories all of which are required to fully appreciate La Carrera Panamericana.

Team El Taxi Perdido entered the #254 Alfa Romeo and have made their way to Mexico to live a dream. Sadly there is is not much info about the car it's self but they refer to it as "A 45 year old Italian car." Piloto Martin Lauber and co-piloto, Conrad Stevenson are having one hell of an adventure for sure but another aspect I enjoy about this team is they are made up of friends and family and even one of the wives is with them helping in every way possible. Hey, the wife can even weld. How cool is that. Any woman that can use fire to make metal gets a big tool man grunt from me. Oh Ohhh Ohhhhhhh!!!

What they don't know yet is they will dream about what they are living right now for the rest of their lives.


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