Monday, October 29, 2007

What an awesome day

Yesterday and today both by veterans and the staff at driver's meetings have been warning us how dangerous today's race would be. As a matter of fact more racers have died on this stage of the race than on any other. Needless to say, for someone who has read this many times for the last 16 months it was very intimidating.

It starts off with a high speed section and there are hundreds of fans who come from all over to watch and then you begin the assault on Mil Cumbre which means one thousand curves and it seems as if it also has one thousand sheer cliffs not to mentions donkeys, cattle, dogs and don't forget the spectators.

Today after we were welcomed by thousands of fans to the city of Morelia they put our cars on display in the main center of town I met people from Canada, Detroit, Spain and Wisconsin who came just to watch this part of the race. By the way, many of the Mexicans already know Lucky by name. I love it when they ask "Can I please have my photo taken with Lucky the Moosetang." Every day we sign hundreds of autographs and take photos with fans. It really makes all drivers and teams feel special and you just can't help but feel good when the little kids eyes lite up when you pick them up and put them in the car or shake their hand or put your arm around them while posing for their photo. One custom the have here is the gals all shake your hand and then kiss you on the cheek. Hey, I can get into that. LOL. It makes me miss my beautiful wife and I can't wait to get home and give here a big kiss and hug. I also think of my grandson every time I am asked go sign someones baby. Yes I have been signing t-shirts, photos, baby's and even a butt. LOL.

Some drivers said they conquered Mil Cumbre but let me tell you NOBODY conquers Mil Cumbre. Mil Cumbre may allow you have a good day but only if God says so. This is where the news gets better... I HAD AN AWESOME|DAY TODAY ON MIL CUMBRE!!!!!!! Not only was I fast but I passed some very fast cars on some very dangerous corners and Jon's navigating was PERFECT!!! On one high speed corner at over 90 miles per hour on a cliff I pushed the envelope a little too far... Well, way too far. I was headed for a rock wall and the rear end swung out way sideways and it looked pretty bad for Jon and I. All that was left to do was mash the gas down and hope Lucky had what it take. He did! Lucky swung our wide enough to clip off a cement pole and gave him a a pretty cool battle scar and then he came swinging back the other way towards the cliff but with some minor correction he just kept on going. Jon was cool as a cucumber and we just kept on sailing. WHAT A RUSH especially after all the worrying.The best part of all is that it's all on the in-car camera!!!!!!!!!

I have to get to yet another dinner and awards ceremony so we can find out how well we are doing but the single most important thing is Will, Jon, Steffan and I are having the time of our lives and the teamwork that California's Best is so well known for really showed up today. (EDIT) Not only did we do well in the famous Mil Cumbre but in fact we WON THE BLOODY SECTION! You talk about satisfaction!!!

I will post a few more photos, some from yesterday and some today. One of them is what is left of the Corvette. By the way, there are many cars that have crashed, blown up or broken and there are even a few drivers suffering from Montezuma's Revenge but knock on wood we have truly been blessed. The Apple Dumpling Gang had some bad luck when they ran at the new race track in Queretaro when they over-reved their engine and it developed a rod knock. Today they limped the route but another team sold then a spare engine and they are out in the parking lot where some other teams are helping them change it so they can finish the race back to the U.S. I almost forgot.. Jon and I had an awesome time on the track and we really kicked some ass, BIG TIME while spanking a bunch of the pro veteran La Carrera Panamerica drivers. Like Jon said, "It's just what we do." LOL.


michael emery said...

Congratulations on getting past Mil Cumbres.
Be careful on La Bufa...
Keep those posts coming, we're hanging on every word.


Michael Emery
Lucha Libre Racing

Jana Emerson said...
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Spyderman said...

Gary, over the years I've been in both seats and can understand the thrill, fear, terror, and happiness that all seem to come at once, in a about a millisecond while experiencing a close call. Keep on truckin', you guys are doing fantastic and we're all pulling for you. I smell a 1st in a segment before this is over.

anthony said...

like jon said thats what we do!... godspeed with you all from the family here at TEAM CBR

Jana Emerson said...

Oh, and of course I failed to mention you guys are doing a fantastic job...I knew you would. Jon- Natalie and I miss you and are SO SO proud of you.

Love, Jana

Ann Munro said...

Dude - you guys ROCK!
Love, MA XXX