Saturday, October 27, 2007

Those we miss

The only thing I regret on this adventure is the fact that Anthony isn't here. He's back in California taking care of business and watching over my family as well. Some men in their lifetimes find their calling in life and some do not... Anthony has and I couldn't be more proud of him.

Anthony truly has a gift, one of an artist. He sees things many do not. I am glad he chose my daughter to spend his life with, his taste pleases me. When he was a boy he lived a bit on the wild side but who doesn't in our family. Anthony was a "tagger" you know those graphic artist that tells his story with art. It was Anthony's steady hand and good eye that painted the trailer before we left besides many other things. When we were staged in Oaxaca the entire area around the baseball stadium was painted by taggers and much of it was very well done. They welcome it and actually paint canvas type billboards all over town for them to paint them on.

Here are some photos and one of Anthony painting the trailer. I am already looking forward to seeing him when I get home.

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anthony said...

thanks pops!.. made my get back out there and kick some