Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lucky get's his stripes!

For months I have waited for this day and I have even thought about what I would say in the blog when that day came. The truth is I had always thought I would write, "Lucky earns his stripes." But as I began to type I realized that while excited as I am in reality Lucky has not "earned" anything. That would be akin to buying a fast car and bragging about it simply because the brochure said so to all of the above. Nope, not going to happen that way with Lucky or any other car driven by TEAM CALIFORNIA'S BEST. Once Lucky has honestly been put to the test of doing what race cars are supposed to do, that being pushed to their limits in an all out effort to overcome all that stands in their way and if Lucky has a good showing that deserves respect, THEN we can honestly say Lucky will have earned his stripes. That is a day we anxiously wait for and hopefully it is not long in coming.

When I picked up the car today at IMPACT ENGINEERING after the paint had dried and all the masking had been removed I was in a hurry to get back to the shop. I knew there had been a few items removed for the lines to nave been masked off but I really didn't pay much attention to what they were. But lucky for me there was a very nice gentleman on the way back to the shop who pulled me over to let me know what they might be. He was riding a nice shiny black-N-white motorcycle and had a very cool jacket on that said, California Highway Patrol. I guess he just didn't know these cars can drive anywhere they want even without a license plate. Luckily he was a Shelby fan and after I showed him the license plate, wipers, and proof of insurance and registration he was happy enough to break with a smile and told me to get out of here.

So after I hurried back to the shop and finished up re-installing the miscellaneous items I tossed on another new set of tires and mags and began loading up the trailer so we could do some more testing tomorrow at Infineon Raceway. Just about then I called Jon to see if he needed anything else before we left. He said, "Why are you loading the car on the trailer?" I asked, did you forget about tomorrow's test?" Jon said, "I told you that's NEXT Friday!" DOH! I need to slow down.


Gary said...

Oh, Lucky is really looking the part now! Right down to the taped headlights. Kinda gives me the shivers.

ottoracing said...

You can thank your Lucky stripes for a great looking car ...

Gary Faules said...

"You can thank your Lucky stripes"

I love it!

Yes, for me, the stripes are the jewels of the crown. Pièce de résistance. Not unlike putting two gloves on a boxer ready to get it on.

Jim said...

Looks beautiful.