Thursday, October 25, 2007


There is so much that I would enjoy telling you but we have to get everything packed and organized before we get to bed so that we can leave this hotel at 5am.

What I can tell you is the MORFmobile CALIFIORINA´S BEST RACING TEAM had a very good day. On our very first La Carrera Panamericana out of 100 cars we finished 4th place in class (by 2 seconds) and 19th overall. Keep in mind, when Juan Fangio won the La Carrera Panamericana he never won a single stage and the car will come to me as we go forward. We very proud that we finished ahead of many cars with four barrel carbs, much bigger engines, many who have ran this race many times before.

As we drove back to the city of Xaxoca we were welcomed by thousands of people who lined miles of highways, on overpasses and city streets. There were countless numbers of police officers stopping all trafic to allow us to run every red light on the way back to the staging area. Let me tell you, ripping up the city streets at speed with a police car hot on my tail all the time with his lights and sirens on was one hell of a blast. It´s important to realize you can not believe the traffic we are doing this in. You gave to see it to believe it. Hopefully we will have some fottage for you in the next few days.

At this evening´s awards ceremony we went to a large city center with a palace where there were many groups of Mexican dancer to perform for us. Inside the palace there was our driver´s meeting including the mayor of Xaxoca and other important dignitarys and officials. One of the annoucments about how special this 20th anniversay was besides something about tonights full moon being the closest to the earth that it will be in our lifetime is that this is the first time in seven years there was no crashes on the first day of the event. They also told everyone how upset they were at the fact one driver was caught doing over 110 miles per hour in a school zone. How stupid.

Tomorrow we will take off from a beautiful square while thousands of fans line the square and streets as we drive the entire day thru several race and transit sections.

PS; for those wanting to hear about our new friends, THE APPLE FARMERS RACING TEAM (AKA Apple dumpling gang) the are haveing the time of their life. I promise to post some photos the next time I can.


Carlos said...

Congratulations for today's time and good luck tomorrow!!!!

I'll see you on saturday at Puebla and I hope to be at Chazumba's stage supporting you....


Saludos desde Puebla amigos....

Spyderman said...

Congratulations to the whole crew, all of you are doing a great job!!! Am checking your posts daily, keep it up.