Wednesday, October 31, 2007

La Buffa takes it toll

When you race fast cars and risk it all on dangerous roads with cliffs that drop off for what seems like an eternity there comes a time when the inevitable happens. Today there was a crash on te famous La Buffa and the car rolled ned over end five times before coming to a rest. Everyone is safe and due to good safety equipment in pretty good shape considering. Oh wait a second.... You didn't think I was talking about Lucky did you? (LOL) No sir. Lucy and Team California's Best had an awesome day on the second most dangerous part of the famous La Carrera Panamericana race. We raced up it and then had a service stop and then ran it backwards into the beautiful city of Zacatecas. You simply can't believe how beautiful it is here. We got here so early in the race that after we were given a warm welcome by thousands of fans that lined the hi ways and streets for miles we were asked to park Lucky right in front of the awesome Emporio Hotel which is across the street from another one of the most beautiful churches you have ever seen. I hope the priest will not mind the burnouts left in front of the steps.

Today Lucky really stretched out his muscles with a speed of almost 150 miles per hour and there was more to give if I asked for it and that was on a two lane road with no shoulder. I must tell you this car handles so well even at that speed that I could have driven with one hand. (but didn't)

I am sorry about no photos but trust me they will come. It is late as I type this and I don't want to wake Jon to use the adapter. The beginning of this adventure was indeed stressful but as usual the entire team bonded and everything came to as it should. Now each of them are able to sleep and rest which is something we have not been able to do with our busy schedule. Last night Jon and the team decided not to go to the dinner and awards ceremony so they could rest up but I went. It was at the famous bull fight arena and even though I had seen photos of this place in the past I just stood there in awe. Anyone who has seen it will tell you the same thing... simply unbelievable. (last night when I was typing this the power went out and I thought all I had typed was gone so I am finishing it this morning)

What I haven't told Jon this morning and intend to surprise him with at breakfast is that we made the podium again last night in third place. Another thing I intend to surprise him with is we are in 12th overall but there are some more surprises to come and I intend to save that one for Jon. Then if all goes well today on the very high speed section I will post here for everyone else. Please say a prayer for us and cross your fingers as today is VERY long run back towards home with a lot of racing and VERY high speeds. Today begins the day of the dead celebration here and last night was very festive. Father Peter, please say a special prayer for us. We're coming home.


Patrick Emerson said...

Vaya con dios on the final day amigos!

Patrick Emerson said...

BTW, I found one 'action' shot of you at the La Carrera website:

Spyderman said...

Hang in there guys! And by the way, you should have another fan any moment now, we took Karan's daughter to the hospital this morning and the doctor says Baby Vaughn could make his entrance to the world within the next few hours!!!