Monday, October 22, 2007

3500 miles... Now its about to get exciting

WOW, what a day!!! Today the Coyote Convoy took off after a drivers meeting at 6AM and we headed south. I dont know how it happened but we where the first to arrive and check in to our hotel. Its not the first time I have towed a trailer at 100 miles per hour but it is the longest. We drove 12 hours and roughly 600 miles which most of the time the weather was good but near Mexico City there was serious thunderstoms with lightning. At times it was so bad all we could do was crawl along at 10 miles per hour until the rain stopped and the water ran off the road. Once again I want to thank the SOB that stole my trailer. I cant imagaine how we would be doing with an open trailer after seeing how bad it has been for those who have one. On the other hand everyone takes care of each other. I have reason to believe every law in Mexico has been broken today alone and the race hasnt began yet. SHHHH.

I miss my wife and family but we are safe and having a blast. Its also the first time that a policeman tried to pull me over (towing a trailer) and I just ignored him until he gave up. The speed bumps here are called TOPES but they are more like an Evel Knievel jump than a speed bump. At one time while Will was driving he missed the warning sign and hit a huge tope while going 50 miles per hour. If there had been an audience watching I am sure we would have scored a perfect ten for distance, style and form.

Today we came thru the Sierra Madre Mountains, the same ones that held the Sierra Madre Treasury from Humphry Bogart. The only difference is Humphry didnt have a GT350 and he didnt pass cars going and coming at the same time when the road was barely wide enough.

We hafe safely arrived at our hotel in Oaxaca near the border of Guatemaula and even though its dark and a litle wet the resort is beautiful and huge. I am looking forward to seeing tommorrow in the day light. Will brought along two friends to ride with us today. They Anna and Rebbeca from Sweden. Anna is the co-piloto/navigator for one of the Monte Carlo Falcons which runs in our class and Rebecca is a photographer for car magazines.

When we crossed to border there were several teams who drove their cars but several of them either broke or it began to realize how servere this journey is and we are not even racing yet thus they ended up making arangments to have the cars put on trailers and towed. This also meant they had to find rides with other teams.

Thank God we had zero problems and are safe. (Knock on wood) It really is beautiful and so much to see. Yesterday we drove past a streach of road where the locals sell rattlesnake skins. Each display of sticks held about 40 dried rattlesnakes skins and there was not a few. There was MILES of them. It gave us the willies just thinking about how many snakes there are there for them to find that many.

Between being tired and the fact the computers are still in Spanish and I cant use spell-check PLEASE forgive all the screw ups. As soon as Jon arrives I am sure he will fix that for me. (Jon, please correct spelling for me.) I believe I will be able to post some photos from here tonight so keep your fingers crossed.

After looking at the photos you may understand why Al said I should have titled this, "How Will get's lucky with Lucky."


anthony said...

wow it is truly beautiful there.. I really wish I was there with you guys! Looks like your having a blast, Your all in our prayers and thoughts daily..
Team CBR

George Sullivan said...

I see you got to meet Al Cox probably one of the funniest guys I ever met. He has more stories than you can believe keeps you laughing. I have been in contact with Kristen by now you should have met her. Now the wait for race day.

Gary Faules said...


Blast and Bautifuel dont even begin to describe it and we wish you were here too.


Al really has made things a blast and we have been unseperable. Every lady that sees us coming runs. LOL. Yes, I met Kristen, her dad and Rene and we spent a lot of time together today and yes I gave her your hug.