Friday, October 12, 2007

So much so little time

But boy are we having fun! It seems like I almost had the "things to do list" finished and now all of a sudden I have a list of 5 pages of things to do to get ready! Besides today's escapades we were able to get a few more things finished after this evenings team meeting. The adjustable bracket for the Terratrip is built and I will install that tomorrow and then Jon will hook it up. The required spare tire is now finished complete with a very cool custom brace and hold down. Then my grandson and daughter came by to help in the moral support job and we always find time to enjoy them. Anthony and Jon found some time to begin installing some of the vinyl decals and they will finish most of them tomorrow including our new sponsor's decals. Then we will finish letting everyone know who they are and what they have to over. Get ready because it's VERY cool and it will help everyone with this years La Carrera Panamericana event.

There was one very special decal that was placed on the car today and the truth is, it's more than just a decal. It's Lucky and for me it's so much more than a name. Lucky is and was my good friend. I know if he were here today he would be as excited as I am am and raring to get the show on the road. I look forward to taking Lucky along on this adventure to a far off land, exciting times, fast company and lots of laughs... just like Lucky's cup of tea. Lucky, I know you're watching over us and all I ask is that you hang on and keep smiling the way you did not so long ago.


Spyderman said...

Gary, a little thing that will save you a bunch of time crossing into Mexico, make about 3 or 4 copies of everything you were told your going to need. I know I needed copies of passport, titles of all vehicles, drivers licenses, mexican liability insurance for each driver and unless there is some kind of new change or a waiver for the race a person my only bring in 1 car which means tow car and race car need to be in different names. And if anything is titled in a businesses name have a letter for permission to bring vehicle into Mexico from them. When it comes to paperwork I always try to overdue it.

Gary Faules said...

Thanks Spyderman. All good advice and done already.