Thursday, October 11, 2007

Talk about tossing a monkey wrench into the works!

Today started off like any other day until I pulled up in front of my office and saw an empty parking space. As I began to ask myself "What's wrong with this picture?" I realized my damn trailer was missing!!! After a call to the local police department I found out nobody had had anything towed so it appeared the trailer was stolen. On a more humorous note, when the officer was writ ting his report he asked what kind of trailer it was and I told him it was a car trailer to haul my race car to Mexico. Then he looked around and asked, "Mexico... Hey, is this the shop that has Lucky? I've heard a few stories about that car."

The truth of the matter was I was not as concerned about the trailer as I was worried about how difficult it was going to be to get a different trailer into Mexico at this late date. The main reason being the Mexican border officials really don't like "temporary" registration papers and it opens a big can of worms. So after weighing all my options, including a friend that said, "Here's my keys. Take mine." (Thanks Elvis) I decided to take one of our Team California's Best enclosed race car trailers. So the better part of today was spent picking up one of the trailers after removing an antique car from the back and then bringing it back to my shop. Then we began unpacking the entire trailer that was set up for a different type of race car. That means all the tools, parts, and tons of other goodies all had to be removed and then repack the stuff we will need for Lucky. We got a good start on it today but there is more to organize tomorrow.

In the meantime Jon and Anthony spent hours applying the new decals for our sponsor and other goodies. I will take some photos of that later and post them.

If that wasn't enough for one day we had a surprise guest drop by to visit and to see Lucky first hand. We were all pleasantly surprised when Spyderman rode in on his Harley all the way from Fresno. What a great guy and just the sort of person that we would welcome any time. As a matter of fact I felt bad because I was so busy getting ready but he even told me if we needed any help for the next few days to just call. What a sport. Thanks Spyderman and come back any time. (Thanks RON.)

Then came the phone calls as press and photographers began setting up appointments to interview Jon, myself and the crew and if that weren't enough our own team photographer is going to get some footage of us getting ready as well as tomorrows interviews. Basically he will be filming us getting filmed by the press.... Sort of like taking a picture of someone taking a picture!

Tonight we will be having our team meeting at IMPACT ENGINEERING while they finish up a few odds and ends they need to be finalised.


e said...

Ay yai yai

The Sporting Life Society said...

I am of the belief that things happen for a reason...maybe the trailer was a weak link.