Sunday, October 21, 2007


We are having the time of our lives. We are in one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico called San Miguel de Allende at a famous hotel called the Refugio. I will load pictures later but without them I simply cannot begin to tell you how beautiul this place is. Last night the motorcycle police escorted us down thru the streets while a large group of muscicians sang all the way just for us but even more amazing was as we went down to the town square locals all folloed and joined in. When we started there was about 15 of us plus the mucisians but by the time we got to the town square there was hundreds.

The church located in the town square is one of the most beautiful churchs in the world, I kid you not. Then we all hit different resturants all which simply blew my mind. After dinner we all hit the local disco with live music and they really treated us teams like celebritys. When I left to go to my room at 1 am things were just getting started while Will and some other young studs danced the night away. As I recall there was some drinking involved but then again things are still a little fuzzy.

Today we drove our cars down to the town square where cars are never allowed but they let us park them right in front of the church in the square where several hundred people came to take pictures, get autographs and listen to the live music.

I cannot believe how awesome today has been and the beauty of this city is undescribable. Tonight some will go to dinner again in the outside resturants however we have been invited to an exclusive place that we were invited into last evening. Once again, you have to see it to believe it and somehow I dont thing even the phots will do it justice. The streets are cobble stone, the doors are all large carved, and very heavy and ornate let alone the amazing buildings and architecture.

Today as I was leaving the town square there were hundreds of people waving as we left so while the local policemen watched I lit up the tires and the cheers were welcomed by one and all especially the policeman. Boy was Lucky ever popular with the crowds of people and I have no idea how many people stood in front and sat in Lucky to have their photos taken.

No disco tonight since tommorrow we will leave at 6am to go past Mexico city as we head farther south. You really have to be on your toes while driving here. On the way here we drove about 550 miles never doing the speed limit. There are donkys, horses, cattle and sheep everywhere! Many times the police try to pull us over but we are instructed not to stop so everytime they try to pull me over I wave hello and step on the gas so they cannot get between us and the trailer in front. We are warned the police know we are coming and will be waiting for us near Mexico City So tommorrow should prove to be interesting. Some of the straight aways are 100 miles long but still beautiful.

Please except my apology for the misspelling but this computer I amd using is in Spanish and Im lucky I got this far.

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Spyderman said...

Gary, Your right, San Miguel de Allende is a beautiful city, but be prepared, there are more to come. That's the nice thing about Mexico, they alway welcome you with open arms, even regular folks, but you guys are celebs now!!! Can't wait to see the pics.