Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Being organized pays off

This morning we met Enrique who is from Puebla in southern Mexico. He owns a shop there and he built a special trailer which nothing short of a machine shop on wheels. We hit it off and now he is TEAM CBR unofficial machine shop and service to help Will. He is going to travel with Will to all service stops and speaks fluent Spanish and English. Talk about lucky. Enrique brought a small go cart he built to get around the pits but Will wanted to test drive it so he took off downtown on a taco run. He was passing cars on the street and using the curb to manuver while the police laughed since he was faster than most cars. Before he left I installed a Tecate beer cup holder to bring back my drink.

After breakfast we headed out for parc ferme at Eduardo Vasconcellos baseball stadium which is where all cars are pre-staged and inspected and signed up for registration. Keeping in mind that this is the 20th anniversary of the historical La Carrera Panamericana I must tell you it was an awesome feeling that we were the first car signed up and passed tech inspection! While many others worked hard all day to prep, fix or finish their cars Will and I relaxed, took photos and signed autographs until 4pm. There were TV crews who spent a lot of time filming Lucky for Sundays sports broadcast and hundreds of fans who spent most of the day checking out many very cool cars. The tech inspectors really loved Lucky and said, "This is without a doubt one the most beautiful cars that I have ever seen." Considering where we are that made the whole trip worth while in itself. Then Gerie Bledso, the North American director came over and said the same thing. That was also gratifying.

Considering there are 100 teams from around the world it would take too long to post photos of everyone of them but here are a few shots from today. There will be many more to come so I hope you are enjoying them as they come.


anthony said...

damm our car looks gorgeous.. Go Team CBR baby!

Gary Faules said...

Anthony,It defintly is a crowd pleaser.

The Sporting Life Society said...

I'm not surprised that you picked a co-pilot with the same blood type. This makes on-the-go transfusions much easier.