Saturday, October 06, 2007

Birds Of A Feather

As a proud member of the NORTH AMERICAN EAGLE World Landspeed Record Challenger project it gives me great satisfaction to post the latest newsletter written by NAE crew lead and my good friend Jon Higley. My association with this awesome group of men and women leaves me speechless. (A feat not often performed.) Each and every one of them are unique in his or her own way. And even though she tells me my hair-do reminds her of a bald eagle I will especially regret not getting to see my very good friend Didi Boyington. Didi is the niece of Pappy Boyington, undoubtedly the most colorful and well known Marine Corps' ace who led the famous Black Sheep Squadron. Regretfully I am saddened that I can not attend even though I have held an open invitation and looked forward to this day for years but it seems that CALIFORNIA'S BEST RACING and I have something else planned that week. CALIFORNIA'S BEST RACING wishes to offer our prayers and support to cheer these awesome men and women on who live yet another amazing adventure in their attempt to take back the land speed record and reach over 800 miles per hour!!! It seems both of our teams share a common need... A need to accept a speed related challenge and then work to conquer it.

In a couple of weeks the project's next step toward the goal of bringing the record back to North America will take place. A scheduled test session is to occur at Black Rock desert over the 10th anniversary celebration of the British ThrustSSC setting the existing record. Speeds on our new all metal wheels will take the car into new territory; the 400mph to 550mph range.

Right now, the team is taking care of last minute preparations to get everything into place so the car and support equipment is ready to go.

Information has come to the team that Monster Energy Drink will be sponsoring our test session this time, which means we'll have their logo on the side of the car while a video crew they've hired is shooting the event. It is still uncertain at this point, but CNN might also have a video crew there to tape a test session run or two.

This will be the team's first time out on the very playa where we intend to go for the record. While the logistics of getting everyone and everything down there is daunting, this new experience will be a test of how well the team functions in less comfortable conditions; even if for only five days.

I will be maintaining a daily journal on my laptop while there, and upon returning to civilization and home, will submit a summary report on how things transpired from day to day. So, be watching for it around the 21st of the month.


Spyderman said...

Gary, I had lost info about your site, just finally found your site again. I am back in Calif, Fresno to be exact, sure would like to ride Smokin' up to see ya before you leave, would that be okay? If so any day in particular good for you folks. Spyderman

Gary Faules said...

Welcome back! Glad you found the site again. I have been pretty busy getting ready before we leave so I'm sorry to say I just won't have any free time until after this next race.

I know you have been getting around but where have you been?