Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some days are just better than others

Ever had one those days when it seems as if you take five steps forward and then 6 steps back? Well, even though there has been being a lot accomplished lately there have been times when it feels just like that. However today was exceptional and I was able to pretty much finish organizing the trailer, the truck and Jon and Anthony finished most of the decals. Then I finally finished mounting the Terratrip so Jon can finish the wiring tomorrow. Then we can go for a drive and calibrate that and the speedometer.

Anyone who has gone thru this process knows exactly how stressful the whole ordeal can be and there are times when my kids want to kill me I'm sure. On the other hand they really have no idea how proud I am of them that they can endure it all and still realize that I'm still growing up too. I love my kids, all three of them and my grandson too. Anthony stands out the most in my mind since he works so hard not only to run the business but to except the full responsibility of keeping everything in check and getting it done. On top of that he still finds time to take care of decals, design issues, getting parts and supplies and so much else.

This afternoon Jon went home to play Daddy and I went to do some last minute shopping for the long drive to the south end of Mexico. Then I spent the entire afternoon with my wife and grandson Tyler. Since I will miss them both we went to the pumpkin patch where Tyler picked out a big ole pumpkin for us to carve. What a blast we had carving it and now he will have it for trick or treating kids in the neighborhood on Halloween.


anthony said...

Looks like you and Tyler Gene had fun carving the pumpkin....It looks great.....I love you guys sooooo much! See you in the morning =)


Gary Faules said...

Tyler who? We don't have no Tyler here. ;)

Do you realize how bad it looks when a post from someone by the name of Anthony says I love you guys so much!?