Sunday, October 14, 2007

Like Karen Carpenter sang, We've only just begun.

Well, Lucky is finished and ready to put in the trailer. It's hard to believe the day is finally here. Can you believe it and just look at all the extra time I have before we leave. ONE DAY! How's that for planning? I know it sounds like a pun but the word "Lucky" comes to mind.

Today Jon and I drove a section of freeway and pulled over and left cones so that we could come back with Lucky and calibrate the speedometer and Terratrip. Then my wife and I picked up a few last minute goodies on the check list and finished crossing off the very last items that was on that list. DONE!

Actually there are just a couple more things to do. Tomorrow the film crew is shooting a session just before we load Lucky in his trailer which they want to do just after dark. The trailer is ready so all we need do is hook it up to the truck, pull Lucky inside and securely strap him down. After that we will toss in the extra tires and wheels and we're all ready to roll. The only thing (that I can think of) that is left is to pack my luggage and have one day of rest.

I checked out a few weather stations and it's interesting to note the forecast in Mexico over the next ten days is not a good one with rain and thunderstorms in the high 60 percent likelihood. This should make the trip down interesting and the race back a blast! Besides.. Lucky is from the state of Oregon and he's plenty used to rain. As a matter of fact, I'm from Oregon too.


Paul said...

The Canadian far east wishes you, Jon and Lucky all the best on this great adventure! I've logged into Team CBR Morfmob, to track the action. I'm looking forward to lots of photos and stories.
Bon voyage et bonne chance!
Paul Chenard

Spyderman said...

Gary and Jon, Spyderman has signed on to Morfmob also. Will be tracking you guys all the way. Let me know if you guys travel down highway 99. With that big wreck that occured the other day on I-5 south of Magic Mountain that makes it even more desirable to go to Bakersfield, catch Hiway 58 east and go over Tehachapi Pass.