Friday, October 19, 2007

We're almost there...

Yes, it's true.. everything in Texas is big. Check out the size of the baby grasshopper. In Oregon we use them as trout bait... down here the grasshoppers can kick a bass's ass!

How exciting, we are here in Laredo Texas which sits at the U.S./Mexico border at our hotel. As soon as we pulled in we got an eye full of La Carrera Panamericana race cars and a great parking spot waiting for Lucky right in front of the hotel. As we expected everyone gave us a warm welcome. They had to... it's about 95 degrees!
Will and I were pleasantly surprised how many teams have been reading our blog.

This afternoon there will be a welcome party and later tonight we will go across the border to get our visas and race car permits. In the morning after breakfast there will be a driver's meeting before departing to cross the border.


anthony said...

wish I was on this journey with ya pops and will.. go kick some ass there..were with you in spirit..
Team CBR

Gary Faules said...


You are here... The time you spent helping me build Lucky is only part of this journey. The truth is, there is a lot of your blood and sweat in this whole adventure and we wouldn't be here without you. We'll make you proud.. God knows you already have made me proud.