Thursday, October 04, 2007


After many weeks of negotiation and hard work, we have a BIG announcement to make this morning. We've signed a major sponsorship agreement with a new Social Mobile Networking company. In addition to enabling our sponsor to introduce their exciting new service to the racing and automotive enthusiast community, this relationship that will enable us to provide you with nearly live updates on our La Carrera adventure on your mobile device. The catch is that we cannot yet disclose the name of the company (there's always a catch isn't there?) - that will come in the next few days.

Along with this sponsorship comes a new logo for the race team that will be part of the overall design scheme for the graphics we do for the car, trailer, truck, and driver and crew uniforms. We take these relationships very seriously, and appreciate the opportunity provided through this sponsorship.

Once we get through some final setup, we'll be releasing the address of both the brand new Team California's Best Racing website and our Mobile site where you can sign up as a member of our network, and be kept abreast of our progress - our success and our challenges - as we conquer THE race of all races.

Stay's just starting to get good. The best (the California's Best), is yet to come!

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