Friday, October 12, 2007

Three days and counting

Today some more decals were applied on Lucky and a few more tomorrow. It will be a "simple" look with the thinking that less is more.

Tomorrow I will finish one or two small projects and the car will be finished. Then I hope to finish up organizing the trailer, supplies, tools, etc. I plan on spending the afternoon with our grandson and going to the pumpkin patch since I will be missing Halloween with him.

Today the news paper reporter got his interview, our cameraman did his thing and best of all Father Peter our priest blessed Lucky with prayer and Holy water while our team and family were in attendance. Afterwards we went to dinner at where else... Chevys Mexican Restaurant. It had me wishing there was a Ford Mexican Restaurant. But who knows... maybe after this race there will be.

I want to thank our friend Brett from THE SPORTING LIFE for taking the time to send us the special photo seen in this post. Being Irish I recognise the toast and cherish it as well. For Jon and I it really holds a special place in our soul simply because we can say, "Been there done that."

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