Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Time to get it in gear

True to form, I keep telling myself, "I still have a few days." But every time I come home with not much done on the car I hate myself. Anthony, Will and I have begun sorting everything out and putting everything on shelves to better organize all that we will take. After we get it all together then we will better understand what and how we will pack it into our truck and trailer. Normally we don't have to worry because we have everything a person could want in our team trailers. Now we have to figure out our priorities and make sacrifices.

In the mean time, today I worked some more on the trailer. I didn't like the way the braces were built on the front of the trailer so I cut it entirely off and welded on a tire rack and installed a place for the spare tire and ramps as well.


Spyderman said...

Gary, We spent the spring in Key West and then traveled the east coast up to New York. Our relationship with the Mel Fisher people in Key West has been profitable and a lot of fun. Did I read right in your blog that your going to test at Infineon this friday? That spare tire rack, is that for the trailers spare or for spares for "Lucky"?

Gary Faules said...

It sounds like you really enjoy your traveling around. Good for you. Do you still have your blog? If so, post the address her for everyone to enjoy.

Yes, we will be testing this Friday.

The rack that we built yesterday is primarily for extra wheels and tires for Lucky however there will be extras for the tow vehicle and trailer as well.

George Sullivan said...

No matter what you pack you will leave something behind so plan on buying it down there. Key West brings back many memories I spent 1969-1972 in the US Navy there Captain Tony's is still my favorite hang out when we go there. I will have to post some pictures from the last time we were there.

Gary Faules said...

George, I know you're right but I still wonder what iut will be this time.