Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Campers and trailers

Today I finished the install of the electric trailer brakes, some new safety chain and the balancing of the new tires. Since the rest of the trailer looked so good after what the crew is calling a remodel we decided that in the next few days we will install all new flooring as well. Hey, what's a remodel without new hardwood floors?

We also put a new camper shell on the back of the tow rig and had it alarmed to help secure some of the things we will be taking with us. At California's Best we have enclosed trailers for our race cars nut like I mentioned in earlier post we were advised for multiple reasons to not take them and that these smaller flatbed trailers are the way to go. I must say, I will miss all the luxurious amenities that we have in our enclosed trailers not to mention tools, equipment, parts and lost more. On the other hand, this small trailer is so light we can't even tell it's back there and that has got to be a good thing especially on the gas mileage.

In the mean time some VERY GOOD THINGS happened today and we are planning to make a couple special announcements later this week. (I now give the floor to Jon.)

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