Monday, March 09, 2009

How Brand Loyal Are You?

We all know it's not very nice to make fun of someone else's misfortune but when it comes to racing (assuming nobody was seriously injured) all bets are off. Having grown up during the Muscle Car era (the real one) I can recall a day when it was an unwritten law that you choose one brand and from that point on there was a line in the sand that you dare anyone to cross. Unlike the many choices available today, back then for all intensive purposes there was only three to choose from. Ford, Chevy and Dodge... period. To say many an argument or even a fight started over a heated discussion about such differences would be putting it mildly.

Since those days of old many things have changed but for us old timers the "Choose one" frame of mind still holds loyal. So the big question is, how brand loyal are you and have stuck to your guns all these years?

What got me started thinking about this was when I noticed one of the Historico C class entries from 2007 there is a new entry of someone we competed with during the 2007 La Carerra Panamericana. But I couldn't help but notice his team is now changing over (Or shall I saw moving up. LOL) to a different make of car. In this case the team I am talking about is Piloto Robert Stuart and Co-Piloto Steve McKelive who drove the #366 Corvette that got more photos taken of it than Mexico has cactus. This year they have gone from a Chevy Corvette to a Ford Mustang.

For what it's worth they are not the only team who saw thew light and made a move up. Last year saw Bill Shanahan make the move up when he too got rid of a Corvette and replaced it with a Ford. The big difference is Shanahan's Vette didn't get nearly as much press or recognition as Stuart's Vette did and understandably so as you can see from the following photos.

This is what the #366 Vette looked like at Oxaxca just before qualifying.

This is what Jon and I saw as we came around the corner and even though only seconds had gone by it was already impossible for us to tell what kind of car it was. Based on the black cloud of smoke we could only assume it was what was left of the #366 Chevy Corvette.

As glad as I am to see the Chevy guys realize the Fords are a superior race car I just cant wait until the next time some ask me, "Hey, do you know what FORD stands for?" so I can show them these photos.

For what it's worth, this post was not intended to hurt any feeling and was just a little racing humor. For those who can't stand the heat... Don't stand next to a lonely tree in the middle of nowhere in Mexico especially if you hear a Chevy coming. LOL!

Here is a photo of the new Mustang to be driven by Robert Stuart this year. I must say, after all that they went trough in 2007 including wrecking their tow rig and trailer and now to take on La Carrera Panamericana one more time makes me take off my hat to them and wish them all the luck in the world. The good news is they can't do any worse than they did in 2007 but I am willing to bet they'll have a fuel-cell in this car. Good luck guys. (P.S. Don't forget to bring the title to your race car this year.)

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