Saturday, March 07, 2009

Slip Sliding Away

Sliding thru the turns is always exciting. Some times the sliping creates a little more sliding than one would hope for. When looking at the following sequence of Piloto Dean Smith and Co-piloto John Doe in Dean's #397 DeSoto attacking a turn I can't help but begin humming one of my favorite Simon And Garfunkel tunes titled "Slip Sliding Away."

Not only did Dean come in too hot you can see the tail hang out just before it bounces off the guard rail. Another look will show you the huge dent Dean left in that guard rail. Somewhere I actually have video of Dean on the very corner.

And for the record... Dean never lifted. Good job. Come to think of it, I have video from a previous race when Dean never lifted and smacked a rock wall and kept right on going too.

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carson said...

an early apex ...
makes a wide exit ...
giddy up