Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Job Well Done

Today I was thinking about Lauren and Carson Scheller as they are on their way home. I couldn't help but remember the drive home with my son Will after our first La Carrera Panamericana. It's a long drive especially after such an action packed event and the adrenaline keeps your heart racing for a good long while. Even though we were exhausted the return trip seemed to whisk right by as we reminisced so many what ifs, humorous, dangerous, and spectacular moments that we had. It seemed like every other sentence began with 'And do you remember... " As a matter of fact just a week ago my son and I were having the exact same conversation and we laughed about how it doesn't take much to start reliving that awesome rush of adrenaline created my memories of La Carrera Panamericana and what's better is having done it as father and son.

But today it's all about Lauren and Carson, father and daughter, as now it's their turn to talk about the same moments and for a father to see the excitement in his child's face and then for the child to share the same feeling of pride and accomplishment that keeps bringing the father back time and time again. This was Laruen's first time taking on the demanding responsibilities as co-Piloto and there had to be some reservations but in the end, she really stepped up to the plate. She's not even my daughter and yet I couldn't be more proud.

There are a couple things about Lauren's adventure that really pleased me and one of them was the awesome blog she kept up to date which in turn helped keep all of us so well informed. Anyone that has been involved with these knows exactly how difficult it is to do. There is so much to do and so little time that a team barley has time to get anything done let alone find time to maintain a blog. And that's even IF you can find a computer with any speed to do it on. Regarding Lauren's blog, one could really feel her enthusiasm, excitement and so much more which really made for excellent reading.

The other thing I loved was Lauren's great outlook on every single turn of events which were not all positive ones at that. Regardless she made the very best of each situation and was a team player doing everything in her power to help turn a negative into a positive. From where I'm sitting, that's exactly what she did and the bottom line was they are coming home having shared what will most certainly be a memory her and her father will never forget. How cool is that? Lauren said it best when she wrote... "FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!"

Thanks Lauren.

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